Wendy Baum - ESL Director

Wendy and her husband Ron are natives of Pennsylvania. Before moving to Georgia to serve with Envision Atlanta it was Ron who got the family started teaching ESL. Now, however, it is Wendy who is leading the charge. She took over the ESL program in 2018 and it has grown rapidly ever since.

What is your go to Bible verse? - Matthew 5:16.  In the same way, Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven

Favorite Book - My favorite and most life changing (besides the Bible of course) book to date is “Soul Care” by Rob Reimer. 

What is a small gift you would like? - I love healthy smoothies and juices, and a pedicure or neck massage at Tiffany’s nails in Stone Mountain  is always a treat!

How can we follow what you are up to? - I don’t post a lot of what I am up to but our newsletter would be the best way to stay updated. Just send us your email to rwb1005@gmail.com and ask to be added.

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