Here's what we're doing to bring the Kingdom to Earth!

Renew the City - Atlanta

Renew the City is a practical way so showing "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done" to our neighbors and to those that we work with.  This years focus in Atlanta will be Clarkston.  Click here to find out more.

Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows

Job Creation and Training

Did you know that gangs largely exist because the family is not functioning as it should?  Gangs create what is called a "false family".  Due to the lack of jobs for refugees parents are forced to take jobs that require them to be away from their families.  This creates a void that the gangs attempt to fill.  Our part of the solution?  Create jobs.  Out of the jobs we can provide training and discipleship to help ensure healthy families.


Projects we are working towards

  • ESL
  • Soccer Clubs
  • Cooking and Cleaning Classes
  • Church Planting