Michael Laws - Long Term Volunteer

After working numerous years for the park service, Michael got involved full time at his church. It was during this time that God opened the doors for the Laws to become involved in missions. After a missions trip to the country of Jordan, Michael’s heart was touched for the many refugees who escaped persecution. Soon after, the Laws inquired about Envision sites they would be able to volunteer with. In a short period of time, God made a way for Michael and his wife Julia to become full time volunteers for Envision Atlanta.

Favorite Bible Verses

“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done (Psalm 118:17).”

God saved my life and this verse will forever remind me of that.

Favorite Food

I love Lamb. Catfish too.

A small gift that someone could get you

I really don’t want anything. Thanks though.

How can we know what you are up to? 

Our email: michael@mijul.com

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