Donate Items

In order to serve our teams better we need the following items.  Soon we will include a link to amazon if you want to order the item and have it shipped to us.  You can also donate money through the button below to allow us to buy the needed items!

Here is the list!

·        First Aid Kits

·        Cleaning wipes

·        4 Cookie sheets

·        2 Jelly roll pans

·        2 Griddles

·        3 Large frying pans

·        2 9x13 baking dishes

·        6 pitchers

·        Set of mixing bowls

·        Spatulas, mixing spoons, whisk

·        Hand mixer with beaters

·        Cutting board

·        Sharp knife set

·        Durable plastic wear:
         - plates 30
         - bowls 30
         - coffee cups 20
         - glasses 30

·        Silverware

·        Large water cooler (igloo or similar)

·        2 Large cooler

·        (No longer needed) 16 Mattresses (twin)

·        (No longer needed) Materials for 6 bunk beds

·        16 Twin sheet sets

·        (No Longer needed) Washer and dryer

·        Camera

Donate Money

If you would like to donate money for any of the above items, or for our general project fund or for a specific team member please click the donate now button below or if you wish you can send a check. 



Please make checks payable to:

Envision Atlanta

1714 Willard Way

Snellville, GA 30031

FINANCIALLY Support our Staff

If your heart is to see the kingdom come includes supporting our Envision Atlanta team follow this link to the CMA webpage.  Once there enter the amount you wish to give.  Under the amount, where it says "search" you can enter the following names:

Brian Baldwin

Peter and Alice Brokopp

Mark and Cheryl Grossoehme

Dan and Angela Kirk

For Rachel and Austin Keeler you must type the following:

ENV-Rachel and Austin Keeler